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Matthew Paradise Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Paradise helps individuals, families, and organizations better meet life’s challenges.


His approach to therapy is pragmatic and client-focused, and he employs a variety of clinical interventions that target problematic behavior, faulty cognition, and emotional dysregulation. He takes advantage of treatment protocols that have demonstrated efficacy, and favors interventions that address the full range of individual and contextual factors that contribute to personal adversity.


In addition to his own clinical practice, he is a former psychology professor and has trained and supervised other clinicians who have gone on to practice in a wide variety of academic, institutional, and private-practice settings. He is widely published in academic journals, has presented at national conferences, and has also been quoted in newsmagazines and the popular print media.


He provides individual, group, and family therapy at his office in the Montrose/Museum District and is available for on-site and in-home consultation as well.  Please call (832-519-1437) or e-mail Dr. Paradise directly, to discuss your case and to schedule an appointment.